TR live – urban spree – 260316

Samstag -
Urban Spree
Berlin / DE

KOMA Elektronik celebrates its 5 year anniversary of building synthesizers with this special event on both floors of Urban Spree.

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These artists represent what KOMA is all about with a focus on live electronics sets:

Svengalisghost live (Russian Torrent Versions / L.I.E.S. | US)
Chicago EBM Techno

T.Raumschmiere live (Shitkatapult | DE)
Electro industrial punk

Violet Poison live (Veleno Viola / Hospital Productions | IT)
Mutant live electronics

Joke Lanz live (Schimpfluch Gruppe | CH)
Live turntablist industrial from Sudden Infant mastermind

Phase Fatale (Jealous God / [aufnahme + wiedergabe] | US)
Basement Electronic Body Music DJ set

Unprofessional live (Teknocorpus | IT)
Dual Electribe hard techno

Regolith live (Rock Is Hell / Interstellar | AT)
Live dark ambient

Preliminary Saturation live (Vatican Analog | NL)
Rhythmic industrial live set

Thurston Moog (Nation | US)
Weirdo electronics DJ set

benjamin h live (AMOK Tapes | NZ)
Minimal modular experimentations

LGHTWGHT (Fleisch | AUS)
Acidic beat DJ set

tot (AMOK Tapes | FI)
Dark industrial ambient

Blaise Magee (AMOK Tapes | IR)
Extended and layered DJ set

Visuals by Stan Stencil (CA)