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April 07, 2020



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Berlin’s underground music mavericks Deadbeat and T. Raumschmiere have joined forces for a new project called Masters Of Disasters, conceived during a week-long residency in Utrecht and inspired by the mind melting fun of the Dutch Stekker festival. Following many sleepless nights, plenty of bread sandwiches, and a surplus of coffee and vodka consumption – an incredible 4-track EP was born, perfectly suitable for the unstoppable Souvenir Music imprint and dancefloors that know how to get down and dirty. Kicking off the EP is ‘Fraak,’ a loopy, twisted piece of machine-driven music designed to lock the listeners into a heady groove from start to end. Tracky, gritty and brilliantly produced, the sounds within ‘Fraak’ are all about those glorious bits of dirt found inside the elements. ‘Maztaz’ comes next with a stripped back affair crammed with glitchy hits, mind-melting vocal elements and some truly off-kilter production techniques. It’s a tension building cut which invites the listeners into dark corners of the mind while keeping them locked on the floor. ‘Call The Guy’ keeps the nasty underground sounds moving along with a more melodic affair from the duo. Tension building and gritty, narcotic elements remain at the forefront whilst subtle late-night melodies generate an incredible sense of atmosphere and debauchery. Rounding out the EP is ‘Are You Sure’ which flips the script entirely into a jackin’ piece of wonky electronica. It’s the sounds of the two clever production wizards finally losing the plot and having a bit of fun while pushing their studio capabilities to the limits. Only for the brave. Collaborative efforts are always an exciting moment in dance music – the merging of two brilliant brains putting their best ideas forward usually generate brand new ideas and unexpected results. This project – by two of Berlin’s leading underground heroes, is the result of incredible creativity and decades of dancefloor staying power.